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An Experience

The gush of cold wind on my face,
Legs trembling for the fear is real.
Perhaps a little too real, even surreal
but the view is breath taking.
Something created for the brave to witness
and to be kept away from the fearful.
What do you do in such a dilemma?
After all you are only a mortal.
Do you stand behind the green iron fences
or do you take one step at a time and inch closer?
At the edge of the Earth lies something
beautiful, something untouched!
It is up to you to make the discovery
or just leave in a hurry!
Sitting on the cliff with the clouds
beneath our feet got me scared, very scared.
But there was a calmness to the chaos.
Perhaps I finally learned that doing what
scares you; actually makes you HAPPY!


© 2017 Rupanjal Patowary


Cherrapunjee, Near Seven Sisters Falls
On an unnamed cliff



The Play of Shades!

Have you ever looked at lush green?
Falling from the myriad blue above!
Where the Sun shines blood red,
granting life to the mud brown beneath.

Have you ever seen ivory white mix
with matte black in perfect harmony?
The resulting melancholic gray
isn’t a sign of sorrow but that of balance!

Have you ever seen rose pink love
turn into a shade of joyful yellow?
Or perhaps into a dark noir 
defining a person, turning him mellow.

Have you ever noticed all the majestic colors?
Have you ever appreciated the balance?
Have you wondered how description of hue
could turn into an illustration of you!


© 2017 Rupanjal Patowary

New Journeys

So, I know I have been inactive for a long time now. It has not been because I have suddenly grown less creative as a blogger but it has been insane few weeks. I had my End Terms (6th semester) followed by Summer Training and regular gym sessions almost spared no free time. Anyways, moving on..

This is a story of 4 boys that became friends by simply being neighbors more than any thing else. This was a long time ago and by long I really mean a long time ago. Over a decade to be specific. None of us went to the same school or even belonged to the same age group. What we had in common was the heightened level of understanding.

We basically grew up together. Developed common interests along the way and strengthened our bond of friendship even further. We would come from school/high school and know that our friends would be waiting. A happy story by all means.

However, time moves on. It rather flies away. Now we are at a point that we have all grown up. By grown up I mean one of us completed MBA and has a job now while the smallest of us has to move away because he got into an engineering college in South.

Now we are reduced to 2 guys back in home that too with one more leaving in the coming year. It is so sad to think that age puts distance on friendships and nothing feels more real.

So, this is a piece dedicated to the squad.

  • Bunda: The eldest of the group. Passed MBA and now has a job.
  • Rubu: Brother of Bunda, 6th sem, Mechanical Engineering.
  • Barnam: The neighbor from like 5 feet away, 2nd sem, B.Com.
  • Chayan: The upstairs neighbor leaving Guwahati as I am writing this. Fresher, Civil engineering, KIIT.

(P.S: Sagar is an enigma. He is an unique piece and way beyond my abilities to describe him.)


We had a fun and a long ride. As we all enter this new journeys of life I wish everyone “The Best of Luck” from the bottom of my heart. If I mention all the fun things we did, it will take a month to write this article so I am gonna hold everyone with one.

You guessed it. DIWALI. We have our *thing* in Diwali every year and make sure you guys lie and do everything possible to keep the tradition alive.

So, this one goes out to my squad. The Best mates one could ask for and we always got each other’s back.

We will always have the memories.

The Devil within!

The devil beneath us,
lurks within the shadow.
Tucked firmly near the core,
far away from the glowing halo!

Ever so slightly
can you feel its presence.
When you are grieving, depressed
or feel something of its essence.

Or when you open the doors
and let greed slip in.
The devil enters swiftly
and you let his plot thicken!

Or when in a phase of sorrow,
you lock yourself and be depressed.
He gives you a helping hand;
Remember from deep within, he pressed.

Or even when in a fit of rage,
you act violent and wild.
You speak the words of the devil
and it has possessed you like its child.

Fight the devil within you,
It is only up to you to bring
a positive change from something negative
and to only the inner Angel you should cling!


© 2017 Rupanjal Patowary



  1. a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

A very familiar word but also a term that is very hard to explain. We hear words like “motivation” and “inspiration” etc. all the time but we rarely find these much coveted terms in our every day life.

For me motivation is something that is the driving force behind greatness. It is just an abstract or a state of mind and is nearly impossible to explain. It is the reason behind a successful person (be it sports, entertainment, business, aesthetics etc) waking up in the morning and pushing the limits day after day.

It goes hand in hand with another familiar term “Dedication.” Now lets be clear on one thing first. Dedication is not the same as PASSION. If you are passionate about something, you will do it or invest time in it only when its convenient but if you are dedicated, you will only see results. Nothing else will matter. You will keep giving it a 100% each day, every day.

With “Motivation” and “Dedication” combined, you can achieve miracles.

Now, we have established the two important life changing terms but how do we get motivated??

Let me be frank. It is not going to happen over night. You are not going to wake up one morning and be filled with motivation and the desire to see it through. You may sometime achieve the former but without a cause you will never see it through. That is why you fail your New Year’s Resolution every year.

Motivation comes only with cause. Two to be short. Pain or Incentive.

Lets talk about incentive first. Imagine being a 100 kgs over weight person and someone offers you a role in a movie provided you lose weight and get fit. Obviously you will be motivated. Or your parents promising you gifts in return for a good result. You will be motivated to study. This is the easiest form of achieving motivation and is very result oriented however it is often short lived.

The best form of motivation achieved is through pain. It is a long lasting form of motivation and DEDICATION is almost guaranteed. Behind every person that has achieved success, there is a painful back story. Without pain there is no gain and you have to Grind To Shine. If you can harness a very painful event or even a painful memory and keep it as a reminder, you will have a reason to wake up everyday and give your best day in day out.

So, try to turn all negative energy into a positive one by channeling it into Raw Motivation but if you still find it hard to get motivated, just do your best every day and try to be better than you were yesterday. Motivation will definately come find you along the way.

I, Rupanjal Patowary, can attest that with proper motivation and dedication, wonders can be achieved.

A much needed break!

Last month was hectic to say the least!

As my description reads, I try to update my blog weekly. I know it is not as good as many bloggers that update twice a week or even daily. But given my engineering schedule, it is the best I can manage. However, I absolutely hate it when I cannot update the blog even once a week. A lot of traffic reduces and there is a general sense of unsatisfaction within myself. This blog is a very important part of my life and a great way to broadcast my thoughts to however small of a audience that reads it.

I have not posted any content for around a month now and I don’t want to give any excuses. But I have to point out that last month has honestly been a roller coaster of stresses. I had VIVAS (of 4 subjects), PRESENTATIONS, MID TERMS and a lot of ASSIGNMENTS. Even saturdays weren’t closed so that the academic work could be done. I got a few days off before my Mid Terms but that time I utilised to keep myself sane and to prevent from buckling under pressure. If I would have written in the past month, it would most likely have been a rant.

Anyways, my exams finished yesterday and I took the day off riding and treating myself to a good meal in Mugal Garden. Today the first thing I did after waking up was updating my blog. I have been lucky enough to get a constant traffic for the last month but it is time to step up the game. I will try to update as frequently as possible and a lot of good content will be posted shortly.

Also, it is a good time if you are a Madrid fan and a bad time if you are a Barca fan.

So, HAPPY BIHU to all and stay blessed. Enjoy the vacation.


The truth was meant to be bitter,
For if truth was sweet,
There would never be realizations.

Once I questioned our existence

Once I questioned our Existence
                                                                                                     -Barnam Choudhury

I used to think that I was clever because I knew a few things which I considered others did not. But there was something about what I was completely wrong. Once, I questioned our existence. I did something which I consider to be a sin now. That was questioning the existence of the entire human race.

There was some discussion going on in which I said, ‘’tell me the name of that creature whom if you remove from the food chain; it wouldn’t affect any other species.’’ Nobody could answer my question and then I said ‘’it is us. Humans.’’ Everyone who was sitting on the gallery said yes and agreed to what I said. I gave a smug look showing everyone how cool I was. See, it is not entirely wrong. We are dependent on many animals but no particular animal or species is dependent on us.

We eat the flesh, eggs and milk, of various animals and use their skin for various other purposes. If I talk about all the other things we eat, this will turn into a horror story. So, as I was saying we are dependent on animals for many of our daily needs. So, if somehow we get extinct overnight, nobody is going to be adversely effected by it. This was my perspective about 8 years ago.

Many years passed by

     But the dream wasn’t finished of touching the sky.

Again, on a very normal day I was lying on the bed at my neighbour’s place. Three guys were there in total. Me, my neighbour and another neighbour from the third floor. For the sake of convenience let us call him ‘’X’’.

X= Neighbour from the third floor.

We were bored and therefore to start a conversation I asked X, ‘’tell me the name of that animal whom if you remove from the food chain nothing is going to change.’’ (Knowing that as I am growing up my views about us is also changing) X replied ‘’matlab?’’ I said ‘’I mean no other animal would get effected by their extinction’’ X replied ‘’nehi malum humko.’’ Again after many years I gave that smug look and replied, ‘’it is us. Humans.’’ X replied ’’ooooohhhh yes. You are right’’ and I smiled. But my neighbour was quiet. I asked him, ‘’am I wrong?’’ He said, ‘’I don’t see it that way.” He went on to explain, “See it is true that nature can grow by itself. It certainly doesn’t need us. But look at it in a broader way. We have a lot more value in the universal scale.”

I had a feeling that this conversation was about to get interesting and I was ready to get to the bottom of it. I said, ‘’Sorry! I didn’t get you.’’ My neighbour said, ‘’See, how is it possible that there isn’t any other living creature on a planet somewhere in a perfect condition like the earth in this vast and infinitely big universe?” There is 100% chance of it. “So, we have a value and responsibility to find it out. To connect with living creature from other planets across the multiverse!” We are working on a daily basis to do that and who knows there might come such a day when we will be able to visit other planets in a very short period of time.

Then my neighbour started talking about our history. He said, ‘’Look at our ancestors. They were explorers and voyagers. We travelled through different parts of this planet and discovered many other places where our ancestors got settled. So, that means we are adventurers. And now thousands of years have passed and we have come a long way. We are trying to push our limits. Once earth was our playground and now the universe is.’’


After listening to all he said my soul got enlightened. I felt that, “yes we are special and we do have a responsibility on the larger scale.” We are different, we are separate, we are dependent but we are also the chosen one.

The history of this planet is billions of years old and humanity came into existence only a few thousand years ago. Right now we have only 5000 years of recorded human history. That means 97% of history is lost. Who knows how many civilization roamed on this very land? Who knows how far and where they have gone. Were they able to connect with creatures from other planets? Who knows?? Well, I certainly don’t but I am very keen to figure it out.

So, the moral of the story is- “open up yourself. You will be able to learn a lot more.

You can never fill a cup that is already full!


“Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words.”
Cristiane Serruya

I am a firm believer of the above quote. Not only a believer but I also try to apply it in most of my life. My persona is somewhere in between of an extrovert and an introvert. I like having small talks with my friends like most normal people but I prefer my “self-company ” above all. I have no fear of public speaking but there are days when I literally wish that I was a potato so that I wouldn’t have to interact with anyone.

Self-company allows a lot of time for introspection and self-revelation. All in all, I feel it makes a person better than he already is.

So, coming to the main question. “WHAT DO I SEEK IN THE HILLS?

This question arose today in middle of a casual facebook chat and I couldn’t answer it to my liking at that time. So, here goes.

First of all I have a history with hills and mountains. It starts with the fact that my father was a mountaineer and had a love for the risen tectonic plates. It mesmerised him. In his youth he climbed a lot of them. Later on in life, after he had us (me and my brother), almost every other weekend he used to take us for a trip to the nearby North Eastern mountains. (That is the reason we have been to shillong for over 100 times.)

Bunda and me....
Me and my brother at Selapass (Arunachal Pradesh)

Basically all our trips and even vacations (summer and winter) were based on such places. As a result we have been to Darjeeling hills (almost every hill station), J&K, Sikkim, NE hills before we even passed our schooling.

At that time however, I resented hills because of the frequent visits. I wanted to go to bigger cities viz. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore. But my father always said there was a certain charm about this mountains “A Call.” The first time I ever heard that word.

Later on in life, I studied at Modern English school located in Kurseong (another hill station.) I spent 5 and half years of my life here. By the end, I absolutely resented hills. i was bored of them and when I finally left, I felt relieved.

It was during my high school, when I learned riding bikes (something I was always excited about) and got my bike (Royal Enfield Classic 350) that I first heard the mountains calling. It had been over a year I was away from moutains and I felt I missed them.

I remember my first ride to Shillong. I was nervous, scared, excited all at the same. I even lied about going there. That was when I got hooked. I have never looked back since.

Since, then I have gone there with my friends, brother, family, girl friends but alone most of the time. I have been to many hills since then and the most recent is Nandi Hills, Bangalore

Sunrise from Nandi Hills, Bangalore


However, the most memorable ride was one with my brother back in January. Next target is a trip to Ladakh on my bike.

Bikes and mountains are my calling and peace and semblance of the past is what I seek in these mountains.

Now, after all these years I finally hear the mountains calling for me and I never let them down.

Sunrise from Tiger Hills, Darjeeling
Dad in Ladakh

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